Root Canal Therapy in Saint John - Endodontics - Tooth Pain Treatment

If you are struggling with continuous tooth pain, you may need a root canal. At Millidge Place Dental Clinic, our Saint John dentist, Dr. Murray Holburn, offers root canal therapy as a comprehensive endodontic service that can save your tooth as well as restore beauty and function. In as little as two office visits, you can be rid of the discomfort of an infected tooth and achieve better dental health with improved function.

What is a Root Canal?Root Canals in Saint John, NB

A root canal is an endodontic treatment performed in order to save a tooth that is severely damaged or infected. During this procedure, Dr. Murray will treat the inner pulp of your tooth to remove bacteria and infection from within the tooth and roots. The tooth is then filled and often capped with a crown to protect the integrity of the remaining tooth and return full function back to your bite. This conservative dental procedure is designed to save as much of your natural tooth as possible to promote long-term oral health. 

Why Would Someone Need a Root Canal?

If you are experiencing severe and consistent tooth pain, it is important to see your dentist as soon as possible. After an examination, Dr, Holburn may decide that a root canal is the best option, particularly if you are suffering from an infection or abscess within the pulp or the roots of a tooth. Without a root canal, the infection will continue to travel through gum tissue and bone, further damaging your oral and overall health.

The Root Canal Procedure

The first step in a root canal involves the use of X-rays in order to find where the problem may lie. Then a local anesthesia is used on the affected tooth. The next step in the process is a pulpectomy, where the damaged parts of the tooth are removed, including the nerve tissue, bacteria, and any decay. Then it is cleaned, disinfected, and sealed with either a permanent filling or, if necessary, a temporary crown. Patients will return for a second office visit to have their permanent crown set in place.

Why is Root Canal Therapy so Important?

Nothing performs quite as well as our natural teeth, and that is why it is important that they are preserved as much as possible, with extraction being a last-resort solution. Although artificial teeth and different dental restorations are available, it is always wise to keep natural teeth in great shape. If teeth do have to be removed, the resulting gaps can end up causing problems for neighboring teeth and your overall dental function. In contrast, root canal therapy is designed to preserve as much of your natural tooth as possible, protecting the health of the tooth and smile. 

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If you have been experiencing a continuous toothache it is important to schedule an appointment right away. Additionally, regular visits to your Saint John dentist ensure that your mouth is constantly being monitored for arising dental issues. For more information about root canal therapy, contact Millidge Place Dental Clinic today to get your oral health back on the right track.