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Complete Dentures in Saint John for Missing Teeth

Complete dentures are an excellent choice when a full arch of teeth is missing. A complete denture not only provides support to the facial tissue but also functionally helps you with chewing. If you are looking for complete dentures in Saint Johns, Millidge Place Dental Clinic – Dr. Murray Holburn can help.       

Types of Complete Dentures

Complete dentures are of two types. They are:
Conventional dentures
Immediate dentures

  Conventional Dentures
Conventional dentures are generally inserted after the teeth have been removed. Making dentures takes about 4-6 weeks. Once the tissues are healed, we can place the conventional dentures and make the required adjustments.


 Immediate Dentures
This denture comes to picture when the teeth are removed and conventional dentures are in the making. After the teeth are removed, immediate dentures are immediately replaced which are made in advance. This makes sure that the patient is not without teeth during the healing process and until the conventional dentures are ready.

Complete Denture Case Detail

Before: The patient needs an upper and lower arch rehabilitation.
After: After the upper denture was inserted and was supported with lower implants and crowns, it gave support to the facial tissues. Moreover, it also added to the great smile and helped in chewing.


For more information on complete dentures, or to book an appointment, call us.

Complete Denture Case Detail

Need a Complete Denture?

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