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A thorough regular dental check-up is important to maintain your oral health. For a comprehensive dental examination in Saint John, contact Millidge Place Dental Clinic – Dr. Murray Holburn. Our regular check-up comprises the following:  

Perform X-rays to detect decays, bone loss, tumour and root positions

Examine the facial muscles, gums, cheek, throat, tongue, lips, and neck for any signs of oral cancer

Check for any signs of periodontal disease

Check for any kind of tooth decay

Make sure that the current fillings, crowns, and restorations if any are well-maintained


Dental prophylaxis or dental cleaning is done by registered dental hygienists. When you come to our clinic for a dental cleaning, it will include the following:

     The calculus or tartar is removed. Calculus, if left on the tooth for some time, attaches to the surface of the tooth and needs to be removed. But if the calculus is formed below or above the gum line, it will require special dental instruments for its removal.


     Plaque is removed. Plaque is an invisible and sticky substance that is formed on the surface of the teeth. It also leads to the formation of bacteria and food debris. The bacteria when formed will produce toxins that might inflame the gum and gradually lead to the start of periodontal disease.

     Teeth polishing is done. There are certain stains and plaque which aren’t removed by tooth brushing and scaling as well. We will help remove it with the help of teeth polishing.


If you require a regular appointment for your dental cleaning and examination, contact us today.

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Get a comprehensive dental exam and thorough dental cleaning to ensure total oral health.

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