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Root Canal & Cavity Treatment in Saint John

Are you experiencing severe toothache? One of your tooth nerves might be affected with decay or infection. Millidge Place Dental Clinic – Dr. Murray Holburn offers root canal therapy in Saint John to give you relief from such issues. Root canal therapy is performed to save the tooth, decayed pulp and nerves, and the bacteria are removed. This resulting space is now filled with medicated dental materials so that the tooth can be fully functional.  

Is root canal actually painful?

Although a root canal treatment is widely known to be extremely painful, root canal modern technology and anesthesia can considerably reduce the pain and discomfort involved in the process. Considering the results and relief that the treatment provides, a root canal is certainly better than getting your teeth extracted.


Our experienced dentists ensure that you are completely comfortable with the process. They start by educating you about the treatment and its possible consequences. They also ensure your convenience and comfort before starting the procedure. Call us to schedule an appointment today.

Why Root Canal Better is Preferable over Extraction?

Mostly people believe extraction is a good option over root canal. But it should be realized that removing the tooth could also affect the adjacent teeth, thus resulting in more cost and more dental issues. By performing a root canal, the tooth can be saved and restored to its full function. Root canal therapy can last a lifetime and only on certain occasions, the teeth might have to be re-treated if there are new infections affecting the teeth.

Symptoms of Possible Root Canal Therapy

Below are some of the signs which can possibly lead to a root canal therapy:

  • Blister on the gums

  • Sensitivity issues

  • Swelling or tenderness

  • Acute toothache

  • Sometimes no symptoms

Benefits of Root canal therapy

»          No more toothaches / inflammation in the pulp of the tooth


»          You can keep your natural teeth


»          Prevent further infection to spread 

The Root Canal Procedure

Root canal requires more than one appointment. Initially, an X-ray is performed to diagnose where the issue is. This is followed by giving a local anesthesia on the affected tooth. The next step involves pulpectomy, where the damaged pulp, nerve tissue, bacteria, and decay are removed. The space created is then cleaned, disinfected, filled, and sealed using a permanent filling or a temporary crown. A second appointment will be required to replace the temporary crown with a permanent crown.


For more information on root canal therapy, or to book your appointment, please contact us. 

Tooth Sensitive to Hot and Cold?

Why suffer in pain? Let Dr. Murray P. Holburn check it out before it gets worst.


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