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Enhance Your Smile with Partial Dentures in Saint John

Partial dentures are custom made natural looking artificial teeth and gums that are created by dentists to replace lost natural teeth. They are removable and help to restore the function of your jaw. Partial dentures are an ideal solution for patients who are missing a few teeth but also have some of their original teeth. They are customized to fit your mouth and are visually matched with the color of your teeth. If you are in need of partial dentures in Saint John, get in touch with Millidge Place Dental Clinic – Dr. Murray Holburn.       

Benefits of Partial Dentures

Getting partial dentures fixed is a very affordable option for having missing teeth replaced. Partial dentures are necessary because they help to fill the gap created due to the missing teeth and also prevent the original teeth from shifting. Partial dentures also enhance the smile and facial tissues. They are helpful in improving the chewing and speech functions as well.

How Are Dentures Made?

Making a denture involves several appointments. This is because impressions and measurements are to be taken which need to be highly accurate to give you the perfect fit, shape, and colour. We can also call the patients for several trails before we give out the final denture. In the last appointment, we will make sure that the completed denture is adjusted and placed properly to give a comfortable and natural fit to the patient. Unlike complete dentures , partial dentures usually get made on the same day.


To book an appointment for partial dentures in Saint John, contact Millidge Place Dental Clinic – Dr. Murray Holburn today.

Difficulty in Chewing Due to Missing Teeth?

Book an appointment with us to get your partial dentures in Saint John.

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