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Improve Your Dental Hygiene in Saint John

Proper brushing of your teeth and flossing everyday can help you maintain good oral health. Even though Millidge Place Dental Clinic – Dr. Murray Holburn in Saint John can provide you with oral care guidance, help you remove dental plaque, tartar, and debris, however, homecare methods are equally important to maintain your oral health. With proper care, you can have a healthy mouth and prevent various dental diseases.   

Importance of Proper Brushing and Flossing

Taking proper care of your oral health can prevent:

Tooth decay

Periodontal diseases

Bad breath or halitosis

Yellowing of teeth

Caring about Your Oral Health

The steps you take to take care of your mouth plays an important role in maintaining your oral health. Along with brushing and flossing, it also includes eating a balanced diet, reducing the frequency of snack eating, and following the dental tips correctly. Below are some of the tips for proper brushing, flossing, and rinsing.

 Tooth Brushing

Brush your teeth twice a day especially before going to bed. Use an ADA-approved soft bristle toothbrush and toothpaste. You can also use an electric toothbrush which can efficiently remove the tartar and plaque. 

Always place the brush at 45 degrees to the gum, and brush in a circular motion. While brushing, you should always feel the bristles on the gum.

Brush the outer as well as the inner surface of each tooth

You can use the tip of the brush to clean the inside of the front teeth

Clean your tongue to remove the bacteria and freshen up your breath


You should floss between the teeth and the gum line daily. Flossing cleans and disrupts the bacterial colonies, if any. This will prevent tooth decay, gum diseases, and ensure oral health.
You can use the following steps while flossing: 

Wrap a 12-16 inches (30-40cm) of dental floss around your middle fingers, and there should be 2 inches (5cm) of floss between the hands.

You can use your thumb and index fingers to guide your floss. Proceed by gently inserting the floss between the teeth in a sawing motion.

Curve the floss in a “C” shape around each tooth and under the gum line. Also move the floss up and down so that the sides of the teeth are also clean


Rinsing your mouth properly is important after brushing and after meals. If you are using an over-the-counter product for rinsing, it’s recommended that you consult the dentist to know if the product is appropriate for you or not. 


Dentists or dental hygienists can also advice for rubber-tip simulators, interdental brushes, irrigation devices, tongue cleaners, fluoride and medicated rinses which can play a major role in maintaining your tooth hygiene.


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