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Wisdom teeth typically erupt in late adolescence and young adulthood. The appearance of wisdom teeth can lead to overcrowding, misalignment, and discomfort. In most cases, wisdom teeth removal is required. Millidge Place Dental Clinic provides wisdom teeth removal to help relieve your pains. Our experienced team ensures you're comfortable throughout the procedure.

Wisdom teeth can cause damage to your gums and other teeth. If you're considering wisdom teeth removal in Saint John, schedule an appointment with us.


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Often, people between the ages of 17-21 experience the growth of wisdom teeth, which can cause pain and discomfort. Some common signs that you need to have wisdom teeth removed are:

Impacted teeth: In many cases, wisdom teeth become impacted and don't have adequate space to grow. Impacted wisdom teeth can cause many problems, such as pain, bleeding, swelling in the gums, and jaw pain.

Incorrect growth: Wisdom teeth that don't grow correctly take up too much space. In these cases, it is impossible to straighten them with braces, and removal is the only option.

Pain and discomfort: Crooked and impacted wisdom teeth can cause severe pain, which only an extraction can help relieve.

Cavities: It might be difficult for you to clean your teeth properly because of the wisdom teeth, which can lead to cavities.

On top of this, wisdom teeth can cause cysts, sinus issues and inflamed gums. Contact us if you have an issue with your wisdom teeth. We can provide you with an emergency appointment if your pain is unbearable.


In most cases, impacted and improperly growing wisdom teeth cause pain and discomfort.


You can consider the following benefits of removing wisdom teeth:

Pain relief

Prevention of cavities and tooth decay

Preventing damage to adjacent teeth

Prevention of the need for future orthodontic work

Improved overall oral health

Are you considering extraction of your wisdom teeth in Saint John? Speak to us today.


We can also provide dental implants, cosmetic dentistry and other services.


We follow a straightforward procedure for wisdom teeth removal, which involves:

Initial consultation

The procedure:

  • Application of anesthesia

  • Tissue removal

  • Bone removal

  • Loosening and sectioning tooth

  • Tooth removal

  • Stitches


Generally, the stitches take 7-14 days to dissolve. Sometimes, we might prescribe antibiotics to help with the pain and swelling.



The following are some commonly asked questions about our wisdom teeth removal in Saint John:


  • How Long Does Extraction Take?

The duration of the procedure depends entirely on the severity of the issue. Generally, it takes 10 minutes to remove wisdom teeth.


  • What Is the Best Age To Remove Wisdom Teeth?

It would be best to remove wisdom teeth as soon as a problem shows up. Reach out to us for consultation on whether you need to remove wisdom teeth.


  • How Much Will Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost?

The eventual price will depend entirely on your case. To get a clearer idea, schedule a consultation with us.

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